Marketplace Pricing

Whether you require a single listing or hundreds of listings, the Fuelled Marketplace has a pricing package for everyone.

Use the slider below to select how many listings you think you will need and don't worry, on monthly billing you can upgrade or downgrade your listings package at anytime.

For 5 listings on the Fuelled Marketplace, it's $240/month for all the benefits of the Fuelled Marketplace
That's only $48 per listing!

No contracts, no hidden costs and no brokerage fees, but we have options:

Fuelled Salesforce: If you choose to use Fuelled as your selling agent, you will pay Fuelled 7% of the total sale value or 2% of total rental/lease contract

Fuelled can be your salesforce for a minimal and transparent fee. We will vet potential opportunities and handle the sales process from prospecting to closing.

Featured Listing: To promote a listing as featured, add 4x your monthly listing price. i.e. if you have a 5 listings package, to mark one of those listings are featured you add $192/month ($48 x 4) to your package.

By making your listing featured you will get even more visibility on our website and app.

Annual Payment Discount: 20%

Pay for a year in advance and you save 20% on your listings package. Don’t worry, you can upgrade your package at any time.

Do you want to advertise on the Fuelled App and/or Fuelled Marketplace Website? call 1-855-FUELLED (383-5533) or email us at

Do you have lots of equipment (100+ listings) and want to make a deal? call 1-855-FUELLED (383-5533) or email us at

Start by posting a listing and you will be contacted by a Fuelled representative to get you set-up with a package.

Post a Listing

Call us at 1-855-383-5533 or click here to send us a note and we will get back to you before you know it.