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100,000 USGPD Mole Sieve Skid

Listing ID 9748
Status Available
# of Units Available 1
Deal Type Outright Sale
Estimated New Value $4,000,000
Year Built 2016
Manufacturer GE Oil and Gas
Owner Condition Rating A
Condition New
Diameter See detailed drawings in package
MAWP See detailed drawings in package
Capacity 20mmscfd See detailed information in package
Notes Fuelled is selling a Mole Sieve skid that was designed for a facility capable of 100,000 US/Gallons per day of liquefied natural gas, however, can be used for multiple purposes, such as a CO2, N2 and a LNG facility. This piece of equipment is stored at in Shanghai, China. The skid has been engineered for a Canadian and US installation. All appropriate registrations for installation in Canada are available for review. The sale of the equipment does not include the interconnecting piping between the Dehydration Skid the Dryer bed vessels. The Dryer Bed vessels are stored in Texas.

Equipment Description:
MS Dehydration Skid: The Gas Treatment Unit (Regeneration/Dehydration Skid) where any traces of CO2, Sulfur, H2S (if applicable) and water are removed using an adsorption process. The dryer bed is a column filled with a Molecular Sieve (MS) bed. The purpose of this is to prevent any freeze up in the cryogenic section of the liquefier heat exchanger (Cold Box). When the online MS bed is saturated, it must be regenerated by introducing heat into the media to cook off the adsorbed contaminates. The residue gas from the regeneration process will be returned to the pipeline.

See detailed drawings in package
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Shanghai, China , Shanghai

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Please note you are looking at an equipment listing that has not yet been Fuelled Certified. Only basic information is currently available as this equipment has not yet been inspected by a Fuelled trained professional.