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With Fuelled Certified you can be confident in the integrity of listing, knowing that the equipment has been catalogued by Fuelled trained experts.  With Fuelled Certified listings you can buy equipment knowing that the condition of the equipment at the time of certification is what you’ll get. If there are issues with Fuelled Certified equipment, Fuelled works with the buyer to make things right.


CataloguingPart of the Fuelled Certified Process, includes photos, videos, physical inspection/measurement and compiling of relevant technical data
Technical SupportOur Fuelled team is made up of production and facility experts who can work with buyers to coordinate modifications and refurbishments to suit their requirements
Fuelled LogisticsA service provided to buyers where Fuelled will handle all logistical support from disassembly, transport, brokerage and reassembly
FinancingBy removing counter party risk, Fuelled is able to supply buyers with terms and conditions that suit their needs