12 Ways to Create a More Enticing Equipment Auction Listing

Published On February 13, 2023

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It is believed that the first auction occurred in 500 BC in Babylon. Auctions have been an important way to sell items since then. Online auctions are especially popular since they are faster and more convenient.

If you're thinking about selling equipment with an auction, you might be wondering where you should start. You should start by creating an enticing auction listing. But how?

Keep reading and learn more about where to start below.

1. Create Better Item Descriptions

You need to create good item descriptions when you sell equipment online. It doesn't matter what you're selling. If your item description isn't good, you aren't going to get any online bids.

Your item might go through several auctions before anyone bothers to look at it. It is also harder to find listings that don't have good descriptions. Your description needs to be informative and have all the right keywords.

This will make the equipment listing more attractive to potential buyers. Describe the state of the equipment, what brand it is, and so on. Talk about the equipment's age, condition, type of machinery it is, and more.

This helps potential buyers narrow down their options. A good description could prove that your equipment listing is the right one for a buyer.

2. Take Good Pictures

Pictures are everything for online listings. Selling through auctions is not difficult, but you will have a hard time if you don't have good pictures. You might not sell your equipment if you don't use any pictures.

Pictures allow buyers to see what kind of condition the equipment is in. This also helps the buyers see that your item description matches the pictures. If your listing doesn't have any pictures, add some right away.

The quality of the pictures should be good too. Suppose that your pictures are fuzzy and blurry. Buyers won't make out many of the details on the equipment.

They won't see much of the quality of the equipment either. This may motivate them to check out another listing with better pictures. So make sure your pictures are high-quality and clear.

3. Compare Your Item to Similar Items

Are there other people auctioning items that are similar to yours? Look at those other listings and see what they're doing. You can get some inspiration from these other listings.

This will help improve your auction listing. You may find that competing listings have better descriptions, catchier titles, and so on. This may allow those listings to sell faster than yours.

But if you follow what more experienced sellers are doing, you'll have better luck. It will then be easier for you to sell your equipment in a short period. You can also see what kind of pictures other listings are using for their equipment.

You can follow the same style to attract more attention to your listing. This makes your listing stand out from lower-quality alternatives.

4. Create an Accurate Title

The title of your listing should be as accurate as possible. But it shouldn't be too boring or technical either. Titles have to be short compared to the item descriptions.

If you create a long title, most people won't have the attention span to read the whole thing. They'd rather scroll until they find an item title that is short, catchy, and to the point.

It can be hard to be informative and short simultaneously. Try to use keywords that stand out and provide the most information regarding your listing. This will make your listing more noticeable and attractive to potential buyers.

Try to use more emotionally-charged words in your title too. This also helps make your listing more attractive.

5. Present the Facts

No one will buy your equipment if you aren't accurate and informative. Suppose your equipment is in bad shape. But your item description makes it sound like it's almost new.

But the photos of the equipment show that the listing has seen better days. This is not how you want to portray what you're selling. Potential buyers will see that you aren't presenting the real facts in your description.

They won't want to buy from you if they feel that you aren't trustworthy. They will instead buy from those who have more accurate listings. This is why it is important to present all the details of your listing.

Mention if there are any missing parts or rusty bits. Mention how old the equipment is and what condition it's in.

6. Anticipate the Needs of Your Buyers

Every buyer is looking for something specific. Some buyers might look for a specific style, brand, or type of equipment. You need to anticipate the needs of your buyers if you want your listing to sell fast.

This can be hard to do if you've never done it before. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes. What would you look for when buying a piece of equipment like yours?

How important is the condition? What about the age or the brand? How much is the equipment going for and is it worth the money?

All of these questions can help you refine your listing. This makes it more tailored to the type of buyer you're trying to market to. This also makes selling the equipment easier.

7. Choose the Right Starting Price

Auctions have to start somewhere. They usually start at low prices since it is expected that buyers will raise the price to the desired amount. The price may be chosen for you if you're working with an auction company.

An auction company can help you list your equipment properly and at the right price. This is in contrast to randomly choosing a starting price that you think sounds good. An auction company will tell you what starting price or range will be best for your equipment.

This also helps anticipate the needs and wants of your buyers. You don't want the equipment starting at too high a price. This will deter buyers and you might not sell your equipment.

8. Start the Auction at the Right Time

Some times are busier than others for auctions. Buyers may be available at some times and not others. It is important to figure out which time ranges will be most appealing to your potential buyers.

This allows you to capture the largest amount of potential buyers.

9. Consider a Video or Interactive Features

Pictures aren't enough sometimes. Buyers want to see more than a few pictures from different angles. This is why it is a good idea to take a video of your equipment.

A video is worth a thousand pictures. It gives much more information compared to pictures. Interactive features can your listing help too.

10. Use the Right Adjectives

Adjectives are important for catching the attention of your buyers. Adjectives like "efficient," "fast," or "luxurious" are all powerful examples. If your listing lacks interesting adjectives, most buyers will pass you up.

They will instead go to listings that are more interesting and unique. But you can attract more attention with the right words in your title and description.

11. Highlight Changes in the Price

Auction listings may change their prices on occasion. Any change that lowers the price of your item is attractive to potential buyers. This is why it is important to highlight any changes made to the price.

This will attract potential buyers like moths to a flame. Most buyers are already ready to save money. Showing that your product listing has changed its price will make the listing stand out from the competition.

This brings more traffic to your listing and creates more people interested in bidding.

12. Choose the Right Auction Company

Auctioning your equipment will be much easier with the help of an auction company. Auction companies know all about creating attractive listings that sell quickly. This is important if you've never listed an item in an auction before.

You may not know where to start or how to create a good listing. But a good auction company will guide you. This will make it easier for your equipment to sell in a short period.

You should get top dollar for the listing too.

All about Creating a Great Auction Listing

It can be difficult to create a good auction listing if you don't know where to start. It is important to create a catchy title and description to make your listing more attractive.

It is also important to take good pictures or videos to highlight the benefits of your equipment. An auction company can make this easier for you. To learn more about it, explore our services.