6 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Used Generator Online

Published On February 13, 2023

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Are you aware that only half of small businesses are still going strong after five years? If you're a small business and you rely on heavy machinery, you might be looking for ways to help your bottom line. That could translate to selling your used equipment online to make money you can reinvest.

And if you have a generator to unload, selling it online is one of the best options. Read on to learn the six reasons why you should sell your used generator online!

1. Access a Bigger Audience

One of the key advantages of selling a generator online is your ability to access a bigger audience. When trying to sell one within your geographic region, you'll shrink your audience.

You'll also be at the mercy of what industries are in your area — and how many actually need what you're selling. In some regions, this means that your generator will idle in storage for a long time.

Posting a listing online through a reputable site enables you to attract interest from people outside your normal orbit. For a company that operates routes in your area, this could position you well to make a sale. Or if you have a highly desirable generator, companies may be willing to travel to get it.

2. Sell Your Generator Quickly

Are you hoping to unload heavy equipment quickly? Turning to an online platform can speed up the process. When you limit yourself to ads in the local paper, you might be waiting a while.

Moving online to sell a generator offers a clear and concise snapshot of what you're selling. Further, potential buyers will be refreshing platforms regularly to see the latest listings.

If your listing is robust with details and pictures, you'll attract attention quickly. Just be clear on expectations for transporting the generator to its new location.

3. Work with Vetted Buyers and Sellers

Turning to a general platform to sell your generator online means you won't always know who's on the other end asking questions. There's a risk that the individual claiming to be interested in your diesel generator, for instance, is trying to scam you.

When you work with a trusted platform to sell your generator, you can trust that the platform participants have been vetted. Those running the platform may have an application process or another vetting method. This can help ensure that anyone participating is honest.

Failure to provide honest descriptions about the condition or scale of a generator, for instance, could result in a person or company losing access to the platform.

4. Offer the Most Comprehensive Details

When you sell a piece of equipment through an ad, you might be limited in terms of how much you can describe it. But when you go with a trusted platform geared toward machinery, you'll be able to provide more details that could result in a faster sale.

For instance, you can upload pictures that show different angles and closeups of the generator. Just be sure you've cleaned your generator first so it looks its best. You may even be able to provide video clips to demonstrate that the generator does, in fact, still work.

Within the written descriptions, you'll be able to describe aspects like load bank testing. This detail can help potential buyers see the output potential of your generator.

You'll also be able to detail the service records of your generator to an audience that understands what they mean. Providing evidence that you've done maintenance to your generator could help you sell it for more.

5. Get the Best Price

When you sell or shop online in a community of other industry members, you may get a better price. Those in your industry will be more knowledgeable about generators and other equipment. As a result, they'll be more willing to pay a fair price.

Be sure to research prices for your model and manufacturer of your generator, especially given its level of wear and tear. Aim to offer a competitive price.

Be clear on the model, age, and condition of your used generator when describing it. Be honest about rust, leaks, or cracks. Especially if you plan to use a platform again to make sales, you want to establish a reputation as an honest seller.

And even if your generator no longer works, there still may be companies interested in buying it. They may want to refurbish it or use it for parts. When you're trying to maintain a lean budget and stay on top of accounting as a business, any opportunity to make money can be helpful.

6. Shop for Other Options Easily

Finally, listing a generator online means you'll be part of a network of other sellers and buyers. This can be an opportunity to build connections, or at least build awareness about other companies in your industry.

If you're in the market for a different generator or another piece of equipment down the road, it may be easier to find what you want. You also can be confident that anyone selling on a reputable platform will be able to answer specific questions you have about equipment.

Sell Your Used Generator Online

Selling a used generator might sound like a daunting process, but it doesn't have to be when you do so online. You'll be able to provide detailed descriptions and work with vetted buyers. Plus you'll gain access to a platform where you can sell other pieces of equipment or make purchases in the future.

When you're ready to sell or find the right equipment for your needs, contact us so we can help!