What to Consider When Buying Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Published On May 16, 2022

The size of your operation will be an important factor in what type of system you should purchase. You will likely want a large extraction machine if you are running a medium-sized business or multiple small ones.

The U.S. legal cannabis industry is expected to reach $21 billion inn 2022 with a compound annual growth rate of 33%. As the legalization of recreational marijuana spreads throughout more states and countries, it is generating a growing demand for extraction technology and equipment.

The equipment used in cannabis extraction has grown at an even faster pace than other sectors in recent years due to increasing demand from both recreational and medical cannabis users.

It’s important that you understand what factors are going into your decision when you’re buying new or refurbished extraction equipment. No one wants to invest money in something that isn’t going to meet their specific needs.

There are many ways that purchasing one piece of equipment can impact your entire business.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when looking for cannabis extraction equipment.

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Size of Operation

The size of your operation will be an important factor in what type of system you should purchase. You will likely want a large extraction machine if you are running a medium-sized business or multiple small ones.

If you just want to dabble in extracts, then a smaller machine may work better for you. Also, consider how much space you have available and whether it can accommodate a larger unit.

The Plants That Go into Making Your Products

A major consideration when buying cannabis equipment is what plant material you'll be using.

If you are only extracting from cannabis flowers, then your choice of extraction method might be limited by how finely ground your product needs to be.

Yet, if you plan on processing trim or other parts of plants as well, then there are a variety of extraction methods that can be used.

This will create a range of products with different textures and consistencies.

What kind of texture do you want? How fine or coarse do you need it? Do you need it all one consistency or can it vary? These questions should all be answered before deciding on an extraction method and machine.

The Cost 

First, you need to figure out how much money you want to spend on your equipment. Several factors affect prices such as whether you buy new or used equipment, where it’s manufactured, and the warranty package.

Don't be afraid to ask questions and do more research before making a purchase. That way, you won't end up in over your head.

Cannabis Extraction Equipment Stability

The last thing you want is for your Cannabis processing equipment to fall over and spill solvent. Steel is one of our favorite materials, due to its extreme stability, even in tough conditions.

Make sure you’re using cannabis oil extraction equipment that won’t tip over easily. Having equipment that doesn’t break or fall over will save you time and money in repairs down the road. It can also keep your facility safer than ever before.

Be careful not to skimp on quality because something seems stable. Always double-check with experts first.

Quality Control

Nothing destroys a good investment like buying subpar Electrical tools and equipment. The best way to ensure you’re getting a quality product is by researching.

Researching reviews will give you an idea of what customers thought of products.

Ensuring your product is free of molds, bacteria, and other harmful substances are essential in creating a high-quality product.

For professional extraction at home or business, it’s important to invest in equipment that will allow you to create a product that’s up to standards.

Because each type of extractor has its pros and cons, make sure you find one that matches your needs.

How It Looks

The first thing you’ll notice about any Cannabis grow equipment is its appearance. You should always check that each piece of equipment is clearly labeled. Also, look for a clear user manual and a well-thought-out design.

If it’s unclear how or when you should use one item in particular, you’ll likely have trouble using it. An unclear design could result in significant time spent figuring it out.

If used incorrectly, it could result in injury. Or, at worst, you might end up wasting money on a faulty product. All these things are bad for business. So be sure to do your research before making any purchases Don’t forget to take aesthetics into account.

Maintenance and Upkeep

If you’re making a large investment in cannabis oil extraction equipment, maintenance is vital.

You must keep up with regular maintenance and take care of your gear.

This includes:

  • Learn how to calibrate your equipment properly
  • Perform routine checks
  • Clean regularly
  • Make sure all spare parts are accounted for
  • Replace parts when it's necessary
  • Having electrical tools and equipment on hand
You may need to hire an employee whose main job will be performing regular maintenance on your machine(s).

Why Get a Machine at All?

If you're looking to extract cannabis in commercial volume, why not go with a professional-grade machine?

There are plenty of do-it-yourselfers out there. Yet, most extraction enthusiasts will tell you that your time is much better spent learning how to operate an industrial machine than fiddling around with DIY setups.

Professionally-made machines are built to handle a high volume of cannabis. They also come with complete built-in safety features that you'd have trouble replicating on your own.

With professional machines, you'll also be able to make sure your batch runs through correctly every time. There's no fiddling around for trying different temperatures or timing processes. Set it and forget it!

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