Frequently Asked Questions

I'm confused, what is Fuelled?

Fuelled is an exclusive reseller of new and used idle energy equipment.

Can I list my equipment on Fuelled’s site?

No, you can’t but we can. Fuelled manages all listings on our platform – we are not a pay per listing service. We do provide materials management and selling services to vetted and trusted third party partners. Contact us to find out how to sell your equipment with Fuelled

What else does Fuelled provide and what is Fuelled Certified?

Fuelled provides full turnkey services for the equipment we sell through our Fuelled Logistics service.

Does Fuelled provide warranty?

Generally, equipment sold on Fuelled is without warranty. However, in certain instances Fuelled does provide equipment and service warranties.

Is everything sold on Fuelled’s website owned by Fuelled?

No. Most of the equipment on our site is consignment inventory.