10" x 6' 1440 PSI Sour Vertical Sand Filter

CAD $195,000 OBO

Listing Details

Listing ID15555
# of Units Available1
PriceCAD $195,000 OBO
Deal PreferenceFor Sale
Price TypeTotal
PackageSand Filter - FSJ Yard
CertificationFuelled Certified
Make/ManufacturerFlo-Skid Manufacturing Inc.
Serial NumberF-2773
Separator Details
Multi WellN/A
Vessel Details
Diameter10" (Est.)
Pressure Rating1,440 PSI

Flo-Skid Manufacturing Inc.

Sand Separator:

MAWP: 1440 PSI @ 130 F

MDMT: -49 F @ 1440 PSI

Year Built: 2015

Serial Number: F-2773

CRN: W7234.21

Dimensions: 10" x 6'

Corrosion Allowance: 0.125

A#: 652406

JCI Sand filter vessel is designed for 150 E3M3/Day of gas and 180 M3/Day of fluid.

10” Vertical 600 Ansi vessel, PSV rated for 1440 Psi, Sour service.
Alta screen filter.

Three transmitters all ranged at 0 – 6000 Kpa. One downstream of choke, one upstream of sand

filter and one downstream of filter for differential across filter which is calculated by a Roc 107.

MVS mounted to a 3” McCrometer V-cone meter, flow calculated by Roc 107.

Flow control is done with a Willis M10 inline choke, 1500 Ansi, RTJ, ½” beans. Actuator is controlled by a Fisher 6200 DVC positioner. Downstream of Choke Valve rated for 1440 PSI.

High/Low pilot setup CVS 7970`s downstream of choke with high pressure ESD pump and ESD solenoid. Pump to be tied into ESD valve mounted on well-head. Pilots range is 0 – 10000 Psi.

RTU Cabinet: Through wall to provide heat for 4 batteries in cabinet. ROC 107 with Proface HMI. 3 x 20amp 24 VDC Sun Saver solar controllers for charging of batteries. Spec methanol pump installed in building, controller in RTU. Through wall Battery box with an additional 4 batteries.

500 Gallon double wall methanol tank mounted outside on skid, c/w sight gauge.

2x 12 Volt Catadyne heaters mounted on wall in building, one 24 x 24 and one 12 x 24, both fueled by 6” fuel gas scrubber on floor in corner.
Set of proving taps added for verification of flow rates.

Net safety gas detection, 1 LEL and 1 H2S Head. 24 Volt LED lighting with push button and timer.

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Vessel Registrations
Provincial Vessel RegistrationsAB, BC
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