140' x 312' Coverall Sand Storage Tent with Contents (Two Island Lake)

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Listing ID14591
# of Units Available1
Deal PreferenceFor Sale
Price TypeTotal

Description: C-67-K/94-O-8 (Etsho/Two Island Lake Gas Plant)
Coverall Frac Sand Tent Complete with Load out equipment:
- Sand
- The following volumes of sand still reside in the building: (27 yards x 50 yards x 10 feet) of 50/140 sand, and
(13 yards x 50 yards x 8 feet) of 40/70 sand
- Scales
- Elevated in load ramps
- Surge Tanks
- Ticket houses
- Two in-load and 2 out-load conveyors engineered steel pony walls
- Two 30-40T Surge Hoppers
- 8' x 40' Rig Mats
- 8' x 14' Access Mats

Buyer is responsible for:
- Removal and handling of Sand in Tent
- Removal and handling of tent and contents

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Two Island Lake, British Columbia