30" x 24" x 44'-6" Demethanizer System

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Package12-15 MMSCFD Complete Cryo Plant - Quanah, TX
CertificationFuelled Certified
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New/Unused Equipment

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Requires Overhaul and major components (vessels, engine, instrumentation, piping, panel, etc.) are missing or damaged beyond repair.

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Scrap or suitable for parts. Major item(s) missing (I.e. Separator Package missing separator vessel or Compressor Package missing driver).
Refrigeration Plant Details
Plant TypeCryo
Compressor Details
Compressor TypeUnknown
Vessel Details
Vessel OrientationVertical
Driver Details
Driver TypeUnknown
Driver Fuel TypeUnknown

Process Description:
The plant is designed to recover a liquid "ethane plus" product by cryogenic processing of 12 MMSCFD of natural gas. The process includes inlet gas compression, molecular sieve dehydration, heat exchange, refrigeration, Joules-Thompson expansion, demethanizing, nitrogen treating, tri-ethylene glycol treating, residue gas compression, and product pipeline pumping and/or product truck loading.

The refrigerated JT process utilized in this plant is a cryogenic recovery process which as the name implies, uses a combination of external refrigeration and Joules-Thompson expansion cooling to condense and recover ethane and heavier hydrocarbons from the inlet natural gas stream. Because the presence of any moisture in the inlet gas would result in the formation of hydrates at the low temperatures obtained using this process, molecular sieve dehydration is required.

The Plant processes field gas into three primary products: (1) lean, dry residue natural gas, (2) ethane and heavier natural gas liquids (NGL) (Y-Grade product], and (3) and a condensate product.
Gas entering the Plant at low pressure, passes through horizontal separators, or slug catchers, which separate entrained liquids from the field gas prior to processing. The condensate liquids are sent to atmospheric storage tanks, where the condensate and water are separated and then individually stored.

The condensate and slop water will be loaded out by truck.
The inlet gas is then compressed by inlet compression. Water is removed from the compressed gas with a molecular sieve dehydration unit. The gas is then sent to a cryogenic unit to remove any additional natural gas liquids (NGL) by cooling the stream. Refrigeration is provided via a gas chiller. The natural gas exiting the cryogenic unit is lean and dry. The gas is then sent to Nitrogen treating, where a majority of the inert gas is removed by a pressure swing adsorption plant. The gas is recompressed from the pressure swing adsorption plant and sent to residue compression where it is compressed to pipeline pressure and then routed to the sales pipeline. The NGL collected from the cryogenic process is then sent to liquid storage tanks where it is loaded out by truck.

Heat Exchanger Tag 1*
Manufacturer: Trane
Working Press PSIG Max: 1100
Hydro Test Press PSIG: 1650
Working Temp: 150 F
Serial: 14-8373-1

Heat Exchanger Tag 2*
U RT-4
Manufacturer: Trane
Working Press PSIG Max: 1100
Hydro Test Press PSIG: 1650
Working Temp: 150 F
Serial: 14-8372-1

Temperature Transmitter Tag 1*
Manufacturer: Rosemount
Model: 3144P D1A155B4M5
Serial: 0722683
Year Built: 2012
Supply VDC: 12.0-42.4
Output: 4-20 mA

Actuator Tag*
Manufacturer: Fisher Reman
Serial: 456120-3
Type: 667
Max Allow Supply: 110
Bench Set: 3

Body Tag*
Manufacturer: Fisher Reman
Material-Body: SST
Stem/Plug: SST/SST
Size: 1"
Order: 2/20
Rating: ANSI 600

Temperature Transmitter Tag 2*
Manufacturer: Rosemount
Model: 3051CG5A02A1AS5E5M5
Serial: 2312514
Supply VDC: 10.5-55
Output: 4-20 mA
CAL.: 0 to 2000 PSI

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Quanah, TX

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Quanah, Texas

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