50 kW ET-50 4000 ELECTRA THERM Waste Heat Generator Package

CAD $160,000 OBO

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Listing ID22305
# of Units Available1
PriceCAD $160,000 OBO
Deal PreferenceFor Sale
Price TypeTotal
Package02-08-24-12W4 - Waste Heat Generators
CertificationFuelled Certified
Make/ManufacturerELECTRA THERM
ModelET-50 4000
Serial Number4167
CO2E Savings26.94 Tonnes
Generator Details
Frequency60 Hz
Voltage480V / 208V Volts
Driver Details
Driver TypeElectric Motor

Unit: BU402

Generator Tag*
Manufacturer: Electra Therm
Model: ET-50 4000
Serial: 4167
Generator: 50 kW
Phase: 3
Frequency: 60 Hz
Voltage: 480V / 208V
Ampere: 72.4A
Locked Rotor Amps: 364A
Short Circuit Current Rating: 50 kA
Feed From MCC: E-12

Control Panel Tag*
Manufacturer: Electra Therm
Model: ET-50 4000 AC
year Built: 2012
Serial: 4167
Tare Weight: 2790 KG
High Side MAWP: 240 PSI @ MAT 116 C
Low Side MAWP: 145 PSI @ MAT 50 C Min Temp 0 C
Hot Water MAWP: 145 PSI @ MAT 116 C Min Temp 0 C
Max Hot Water Flow Rate: 45 m^3/hr
Operational Hot Water Temp Range: 88-116 C
Refrigerant: R-245fa
Min Refrigerant Charge: 390 kg
Oil: RL 100
Oil Charge: 19.5 kg

Sea Can Tag*
Type: SP-XDST-20D
Manufacturers #: HT 090 386
Year Built: 2011
Identification #: CPIU 033707 8
Max Gross Weight: 67,200 lb
Allowable Stacking Weight for 1.8G: 423,280 lb
Racking Test Load Value: 33,600 lb

O2 Monitor Tag*
Manufacturer: Thermal Gas Systems Inc.
Model: Oxyguard

Heavy Duty Safety Switch Tag*
Manufacturer: Square D
Amps: 30
Vac: 600
Vdc: 600

Heat Exchanger Tag 1*
Manufacturer: SWEP
Year Built: 2012
Serial: 312127212000035
Type: B200THx90/1P-SC-M
MAWP: 1000 PSI at 135 C
Volume: 647.0985 L

Heat Exchanger Tag 2*
Manufacturer: SWEP
MAWP: 707.64 PSI at 365 F
MDMT: -319 F at 707.64 PSI
Serial: 312127492000030
Year Built: 2012
Type: B400THx124

Compressor Tag*
Manufacturer: Howden
Serial: EXP0001/00076
Hydraulic Test Pressure: 537 PSI
Max Work Press High Side: 305 PSI
Max Work Press Low Side: 73 PSI
Max Output Speed: 5000RPM

Vessel Tag*
Certified By: Stewart Tool Company
MAWP: 150 PSI at 121 C
MAWP External: 15 PSI at 121 C
MDMT: -29 C at 150 PSI
Serial: 0037
Year Built: 2012

Cooler Tag*
Manufacturer: GUNTNER
CRN: OH9284.213467890TYN
Rated Working Press: 247 PSI
Year Built: 2013

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50 kW ET-50 4000 ELECTRA THERM Waste Heat Generator Package 48

This equipment is Fuelled Certified.

Benefits to purchasing Fuelled Certified equipment:
  • Visually inspected and catalogued by Fuelled trained representatives
  • Immersive and credible data
  • Fuelled logistical support
Certificate of Environmental BenefitThis Certificate is Proudly Presented toYour CompanyEquipmnent Description: 50 kW ET-50 4000 ELECTRA THERM Waste Heat Generator Package*Total CO2E Tonnes Saved: 26.94Reutilizing this equipment from Fuelled is saving a minimum of 26.94 tonnes of CO2E which isequivalent to removing 5.9 passenger vehicles off the road for 1 year.Your NameSignatureDate* Calculated using Fuelled's proprietary emmissions calculator which comeswith certain assumptions and as compared to new manufacturing.

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