50 MMSCFD 42" x 24' 1.0 MMBTU Sweet Dehydrator w/ Integral Separator Package

USD $285,000 OBO

Listing Details

Listing ID15344
# of Units Available1
PriceUSD $285,000 OBO
Replacement ValueUSD $570,000
Deal PreferenceFor Sale
Price TypeTotal
PackageUNUSED 50 MMSCFD 1000 PSIG Dehydration Packages - Casper, WY Yard
CertificationFuelled Certified
Make/ManufacturerJ.W. Williams, Inc.
CO2E Savings113 Tonnes
Fuelled Condition Rating
Condition A
New/Unused Equipment

Condition B
Ready to go into operation with minor service (tune-up).
Used but has been overhauled.

Condition C
Requires Overhaul but components are present and not damaged/used beyond repair.

Condition D
Requires Overhaul and major components (vessels, engine, instrumentation, piping, panel, etc.) are missing or damaged beyond repair.

Condition E
Scrap or suitable for parts. Major item(s) missing (I.e. Separator Package missing separator vessel or Compressor Package missing driver).
Separator Details
Vessel Details
Pressure Rating1,000 PSI
Vessel detailsDimensions: 48" Capacity: 50 MMscfd

Description: Name: Combo Gas Dehy production unit
Capacity: 50 MMSCF/D
S/N: 051795-01
Customer: Ultra Resources
MAWP: 1000 PSIG at 150 F
MFG Date: 2018

Glycol Contactor Tag*
J.W. Williams, Inc.
NB: 18971
Size: 42" I.D. X 24'-0" s/s
Nom Shell: 1.25 IN
Nom Head: 1.25 IN
WT: 21207 LB
Item No.: 42ID-24-GC-1000-UR
MAWP: 1000 PSI at 130 F
MDMT: -20 F at 1000 PSI
S/N: 25504
Year: 2018

Flame Arrested Burner Tag*
Flamco Industries Incorporated
Model: SB32/18-18
Burner: Primary Air
BTU: 1.5MM
ORF.: 17/64
SER.: 1806 338

Blow Case Pump Tag*
NB: 18916
MAWP: 500 PSI at 400 F
MDMT: -20 F at 500 PSI
S/N: 25440
Year: 2018
Size: 10 3/4" O.D. X 2' 0" S/S
Nom Shell: 0.365 IN
Nom Head: 1.0 IN
WT: 224 LB
Item No.: 10-2-SCP-500

NB 18950*
MAWP Shell: 1440 PSI at 130 F
MAWP Tube: 50 PSI at 250 F
MDMT Shell: -20 F at 1440 PSI
MDMT Tube: -20 F at 50 PSI
S/N: 25497
Year: 2018
Size: 10-96
Type: Ben
Test Shell: 1872 PSI
Test Tube: 65 PSI
Area: 54 SF
WT: 977 LB
CA: 0.0625 IN
Item No.: 10-96-BEN-1440/50-UR

Horiz. 3-Phase Separator*
NB: 18973
MAWP: 1000 PSI at 130 F
MDMT: -20 F at 1000 PSI
S/N: 25568
Year: 2018
Size: 60" O.D. X 12'-0" S/S
Nom Shell: 1.75 IN
Nom Head: 1.75 IN
WT: 20659 LB
CA: 0 IN
Item No.: 60-12-H3PH-1000-UR

Fuel Gas Scruber Tag*
NB: 19011
MAWP: 250 PSI at 120 F
MDMT: -20 F at 250 PSI
S/N: 25623
Year: 2018
Size: 10 3/4" O.D. X 3'-0" S/S
Nom Shell: 0.365 IN
Nom Head: 0.366 IN
WT: 167 LB
CA: 0.0 IN
Item No.: 10-3-FGS-250

High Press Dehy Scrubber Tag*
NB: 18945
MAWP: 1000 PSI at 130 F
MDMT: -20 F at 1000 PSI
S/N: 25511
Year: 2018
Size: 42" O.D. X 5'-0" S/S
Nom Shell: 1.25 IN
Nom Head: 1.25 IN
WT: 5924 LB
CA: 0 IN
Item No. 42-5-V2PH-1000-UR

Glycol Solids Filter Tag*
NB: 18937
MAWP: 1500 PSI at 250 F
MDMT: -20 F at 1500 PSI
S/N: 25463
Year: 2018
Size: 8 5/8" O.D. X 2'-2" S/E
Nom Shell: 0.500 IN
Nom Head: 0.500 IN
WT: 194 LB
CA: 0.063 IN
Item No.: 8-2.2-GSF-1500
NB: 18990
MAWP Shell: 1000 PSI at 150 F
MAWP Tube: 1000 PSI at 250 F
MDMT Shell: -20 F at 1000 PSI
MDMT Tube: -20 F at 1000 PSI
S/N: 25492
Year: 2018
Size: 14-120
Type: NEN
Tema: R
Test Shell: 1300 PSI
Test Tube: 1300 PSI
Area: 239 SF
WT: 2696 LB
CA: 0.0 IN
Item No.: 14-120-GGE-1000-UR50

Glycol Reboiler Tag*
Serial Number: 2080
Year Built: 2018
Firetube Rating BTU: 1000000
Firetube Area: 140 SQ FT
Item No.: 1.0MM-GR-48-20-UR
Size: 48' O.D. X.20'-0" E/E

Certified Report


PureWest - Casper, WY Yard

Equipment Still in Operation


Does the skid have skirting that needs to be removed


Equipment still connected to piping


Equipment still welded down to piles


Equipment on a gravel pad


Electrical still connected to the equipment


Have vessels been cleaned out


Shiploose items


Has equipment been preserved? If so, when?


Site Logistics
Equipment accessibility in yard or work site
Access into work site
Any road use agreement to access site


Equipment Appearance
Missing Parts
Animal Infestation
Overall cleanliness of package

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50 MMSCFD 42" x 24' 1.0 MMBTU Sweet Dehydrator w/ Integral Separator Package 1

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Certificate of Environmental BenefitThis Certificate is Proudly Presented toYour CompanyEquipmnent Description: 50 MMSCFD 42" x 24' 1.0 MMBTU Sweet Dehydrator w/ Integral Separator Package*Total CO2E Tonnes Saved: 113.0Reutilizing this equipment from Fuelled is saving a minimum of 113.0 tonnes of CO2E which isequivalent to removing 24.6 passenger vehicles off the road for 1 year.Your NameSignatureDate* Calculated using Fuelled's proprietary emmissions calculator which comeswith certain assumptions and as compared to new manufacturing.