Presson Amine Plant 36" x 50' Contactor

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CategoryAmine Plant
Listing ID10111
CertificationFuelled Certified
Make/ManufacturerPresson (Enerflex)
Fuelled Condition Rating
Condition A
New/Unused Equipment

Condition B
Ready to go into operation with minor service (tune-up).
Used but has been overhauled.

Condition C
Requires Overhaul but components are present and not damaged/used beyond repair.

Condition D
Requires Overhaul and major components (vessels, engine, instrumentation, piping, panel, etc.) are missing or damaged beyond repair.

Condition E
Scrap or suitable for parts. Major item(s) missing (I.e. Separator Package missing separator vessel or Compressor Package missing driver).
Amine Plant Details
PackagerPresson (Enerflex)

Description: Fuelled Certified: October 2017 
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Installed for removal of C02 from gas stream, installed but have been told that this unit was never put into service (this needs to be confirmed). Unit is in excellent visual condition and ready to be redeployed.

Complete noise attenuation surrounds the trim cooler.

Design Basis

15mmscfd with 30mmscfd through inlet filter
Inlet Operating Pressure: 580psia
Mechanical Design Pressure: 1350psig
CO2 - 3.00%
H2S - 0 ppm

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Fort Assiniboine, Alberta


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