CAT G3304NA GE M302 2-Stage Sweet Compressor Package

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Listing ID21318
# of Units Available1
Deal PreferenceFor Sale
Price TypeTotal
Package4 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant - 04-13-65-23 W5
CertificationFuelled Certified
Serial NumberM484
CO2E Savings29.74 Tonnes
Compressor Package Details
Additional FeaturesCylinder Sizes: (1) x 5.5" x (1) x 3"
Control Panel MakeFWMurphy
Control Panel Model50-30-4787
Control Panel Serial NumberMJ-13024-AD
Cooler MakeAir-X-Changers
Cooler Model42 EH
Cooler Serial Number054462
Compressor Details
Compressor MakeGemini
Compressor ModelGE M302
Compressor Serial NumberM484
Compressor TypeReciprocating
Compressor Cylinder Count2
Driver Details
Driver MakeCAT
Driver ModelG3304NA
Driver Serial NumberN4F01777
Driver TypeNatural Gas Engine
Driver Fuel TypeNatural Gas
Driver Horse Power95 HP
Driver Speed1,800 RPM

Main Cooler Tag*
Manufacturer: Air-X-Changer
Model #: 42 EH
Job #: 054462
Customer #: 3345

Cooler Pressure Tag 1*
Manufacturer: Air-X-Changer
MAWP: 14 PSI at 300 F
MDMT: -20 F at 14 PSI
Serial: 054462
Year Built: 2006
Hydro: 65 PSI
Item: EJW

Cooler Pressure Tag 2*
Manufacturer: Air-X-Changer
MAWP: 1315 PSI at 300 F
MDMT: -20 F at 1315 PSI
Serial: 054462.3
CRN: R5818.213
Year Built: 2006
Hydro: 1710 PSI
Item: AC

Cooler Pressure Tag 3*
Manufacturer: Air-X-Changer
MAWP: 655 PSI at 300 F
MDMT: -20 F at 655 PSI
Serial: 054462.2
CRN: R5817.213
Year Built: 2006
Hydro: 852 PSI
Item: IC1

Compressor Tag*
Manufacturer: GE Oil and Gas
Model: GE M302
Serial: M484
Stroke: 3.0
RPM: 1800 max, 900 MIN
Max Rod Load: 6000
Lube Oil CAP. OTS.: 23

Throws Tag 1*
Serial: 22371-011
Bore: 3.5"
MAWP: 1250 PSI

Throws Tag 2*
Serial: 025506-1-4
Bore: 5.5"
MAWP: 1000 PSI

Cycle Indication Tag*
Manufacturer: Digital No-Flow Timer
Model: LED-PS
P/N: A-10753
Rated: 2.5VA/240VDC
Serial: 77793
Alarm: 3 Min

Ignition Wiring Assembly Tag*
Manufacturer: CAT
Part #: 251-2052
Prod. Code: X4519Y0 05250
Serial: 9575001/0382
VDC: 300 Max

Pneumatic Starter Tag*
Manufacturer: TDI Turbo twin
Model #: T30P
Serial: 1511 0062
PSIG: 60
BAR: 4

Igniter Tag*
Manufacturer: Altronic
Serial: 3-82955
P/N: 4A39H A REB

Driver Tag*
Manufacturer: CAT
Model: 3304
Serial: N4F01777
AR #: 222-9043
COMP. Ratio: 10.5
kW: 71
HP: 95
Full Load RPM: 1800

Suction Scrubber Tag 1*
Certified By: Henry Technologies
RT2 - W
Shell MAWP: 655 PSI at 300 F
Shell MDMT: -20 F at 655 PSI
Serial: C250813B-1
Tag: 31345
Year Built: 2005
CRN: R6017.231
Model: RX-12057-1310

Suction Scrubber Tag 2*
Certified By: Henry Technologies
RT2 - W
Shell MAWP: 655 PSI at 300 F
Shell MDMT: -20 F at 655 PSI
Serial: C250813A-1
Tag: 31345
Year Built: 2005
CRN: R6017.231
Model: RX-12063-1310

Actuator Tag*
Manufacturer: Fisher Controls
Serial: 17695549
Body Size: 1
Port Size: 1/2
Rating: NPT/3600 PSI CWP
Stem: SST
Press Units: PSI
Initial Spring Setting: 4.0
Actuator Size: 40
Type: D4 (Spring-To-Open)
Body: STL
Plug/Seat: SST
Travel: 3/4
Oper Range: 0-33

Control Panel Tag*
Manufacturer: FWMurphy
Model: 50-30-4787
Annunciation: 5 VDC nonincendive
Input Voltage: 150 VDC
Serial: MJ-13024-AD

Power Ignition Control Tag*
Certified By: Entale
1" Fuel Shut Off Valve
Model: M2582-C-E
Coil Voltage: CD Ignition
Coil Current: 1.3-3.8 AMP

Serials: "054462" / "054462.3" / "054462.2" / "M484" / "22371-011" / "025506-1-4" / "77793" / "9575001/0382" / "1511 0062" / "3-82955" / "N4F01777" / "C250813B-1" / "C250813A-1" / "17695549" /"MJ-13024-AD"

CRN's: "R5818.213" / "R5817.213" / "R6017.231" / "R6017.231"

Certified Report


04-13-65-23 W5

Equipment Still in Operation


Does the skid have skirting that needs to be removed


Equipment still connected to piping


Equipment still welded down to piles


Equipment on a gravel pad


Electrical still connected to the equipment


Have vessels been cleaned out


Shiploose items


Has equipment been preserved? If so, when?


Site Logistics
Equipment accessibility in yard or work site
Access into work site
Any road use agreement to access site


Vessel Registrations
Provincial Vessel RegistrationsAB, BC, SK
Equipment Appearance
Missing Parts
Animal Infestation
Overall cleanliness of package


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Fox Creek, Alberta

This equipment is Fuelled Certified.

Benefits to purchasing Fuelled Certified equipment:
  • Visually inspected and catalogued by Fuelled trained representatives
  • Immersive and credible data
  • Fuelled logistical support
Certificate of Environmental BenefitThis Certificate is Proudly Presented toYour CompanyEquipmnent Description: CAT G3304NA GE M302 2-Stage Sweet Compressor Package*Total CO2E Tonnes Saved: 29.74Reutilizing this equipment from Fuelled is saving a minimum of 29.74 tonnes of CO2E which isequivalent to removing 6.5 passenger vehicles off the road for 1 year.Your NameSignatureDate* Calculated using Fuelled's proprietary emmissions calculator which comeswith certain assumptions and as compared to new manufacturing.

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