EVAPCO LPT-8612 Electric Motor Driven Trailered Cooler

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# of Units Available1
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Price TypeTotal
PackageLakewood Warehouse
Make/ManufacturerEVAPCO, INC.
Serial Number13-556432
Cooler Details
Fan count2
Fan DriveElectric Motor

Cooler Tag*
Model: LPT-8612
Serial: 13-556432
Belt No: BX136
Nominal Tonnage: 300
Weight: 10,130 LBS
# of Fans: 2
HP: 40
Air Flow CFM: 64,560
Height: 7' 11.5"
Length: 18' 2-3/4"

Principle of Operation (source: EVAPCO)
The refrigerant gas is discharged from the compressor into the inlet connection of the evaporative condenser. Water from the condenser’s sump is continuously flooded over the condenser coil, while ambient air is simultaneously forced into the unit. As the ambient air moves up through the coil section, a portion of the spray water is evaporated into the air stream. The evaporative process cools the spray water, which in turn cools the tubes containing the refrigerant gas. The cool tube walls cause the refrigerant gas to give up heat and condense into a liquid. The condensed liquid flows out of the coil’s sloping tubes to the high pressure liquid receiver for return to the system. The hot, saturated air is driven through the drift eliminators, where any entrained water droplets are removed. The condenser’s fan then discharges this air stream out of the top of the unit at a high velocity, where it can dissipate harmlessly into the atmosphere. The water which was not evaporated falls into the sump and is recirculated by the spray pump to the water distribution system above the condensing coil section

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EVAPCO LPT-8612 Electric Motor Driven Trailered Cooler 8

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