Waukesha P9394GSI Natural Gas Generator

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Listing Details

Listing ID10126
CertificationFuelled Certified
Make/ManufacturerWaukesha 9394GSI Enginator
Generator Details
Frequency60 Hz
Package TypeSkidded
Power rating1,600 kW
Voltage480 Volts
Driver Details
Driver MakeWaukesha
Driver ModelP9394GSI
Driver TypeNatural Gas Engine
Driver Fuel TypeNatural Gas
Driver Horse Power2,145 HP
Driver Rating2,145 HP
Driver Speed1,200 RPM

Description: Fuelled Certified: November 2017
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Unit is unused surplus, has not been in operation, zero hours on engine and generator. Unit is stored with ship loose cooler and piping, hood fans etc. in Calgary and is on blocks.

Scope of Supply Information
Hazardous location General Purpose
Electrical Systems Meets CSA Standard
Major Equipment:
Engine/Generator Waukesha P9394GSI, Leroy Somers LS661-06
1200 rpm, 480 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 1600 kW, continuous duty rated
Radiator Harsco Air-X-Changer, remote mounted (front of building), on main skid
? Option for 105°F ambient Radiator has been offered, and drawn on
the revised G.A.
Main Breaker Remote mounted (rear of building package)
Battery Charger Waukesha 20 Amp, wall mounted
Air Starter Waukesha
NGR & Relay Startco SE-330
Pre/Post Lube Pneumatic pump
Control panel Waukesha – ECP8006E, mounted at rear of building
Skid: Built to CWB standards
Size 14' x 44' x 18" (Approximate)
Mounting Designed for installation on piles
Floor ¼" checker plate with 2" containment lip, with door ramps
Handling 8 point lifting lugs – 4 on each side-MPI certified
Waste oil Tank 5000 L, double wall, shipped loose for site installation, by others.
Make-up oil Kenco 55 gal, day tank with stand
Paint Warm grey, prepped to SSPC-SP6, Epoxy primer & (2) coats Marine
Sandblast Commercial Grade
Insulation 80 mil, (3") spray urethane fire retardant foam insulation on underside of
Isolators None, genset rigid mounted to main skid
Silencer/Catalyst Not included in this proposal, and is required. The exhaust system past
the building wall will need to be purchased in a separate purchase order.
This allows for continued exhaust design time without delaying genset
Cooling System Drain valves, vent valves, three way valves (thermostatically controlled
both circuits) (4) isolation valves between cooler & engine and all
associated piping, including flex connections
Surge tank Installation of coolant surge tank, Air-X mounted, low level alarm /
shutdown, J/W, and Aux. circuits.
Oil Heater Engine oil heater, mounted, piped and wired
Pre/Post Lube Pneumatic pump, installation included, piped to skid edge connection
Starter Pneumatic starter, installation included, piped to skid edge connection
Crane 5 ton manual hoist, carriage & supports
Fuel train: Coalescing fuel filter, fuel pressure gauge on inlet and outlet ports.
Knockdown fuel pressure regulator and pressure relief valve mounted
outside of building. Electric solenoid fuel shut-off valves & vent line to
atmosphere. Fuel Gas piping embedded in the skid.(designed to meet
CSA B149-10) ABSA certified
Building: Warwick Self Framing
? 14' wide x 30' long x 17' eave, gable style roof with a 4:12 slope
? 22 gauge pre-painted exterior Customer specified colors, TBD.
? Insulation Roxul mineral wool R20 walls, Roxul mineral wool
R35 ceiling, 6 ml vapor barrier
? 20 ga white perforated aluminum interior liner (10% free area)
above 3' with 24 gauge white fluted aluminum below 3'
? 2 - 6' x 7' double man door & (20 ga doors, 18 ga frames, R4
insulated) c/w locking panic hardware, hydraulic door closures
and IWG windows on both leafs, barrel bolts (floor & header) on
inactive leafs, check chains, weather-stripping, and aluminum
? 1 – 3' x 6' removable transom, to facilitate genset extraction
? 2 x 6' x 4' ventilation louvers with Belimo actuators & storm
? 2 x 12" exhaust fans, back draft louvers, screens & hoods.
? Intake combustion air ducting, with automated diverter boxes for
winter / summer operation.
? Manually operated ridge vent with screen & dampener
? Ice rakes at lower eaves
? Continuous eaves trough with 2 – downspouts
? Climaseal fasteners c/w neoprene washers
? Design sound attenuated to 85 dBA @ 7 M in free field condition
? 2 x 60,000 BTU Catadyne 12V DC NG heaters C/W vent hoods,
to maintain minimum temperature of 10°C for the stated site
temperature range of -47°C to +38°C
? Designed to accommodate wind and snow (environmental) loads
of central Alberta, CBA
Skid / Building Electrical:
? Supply & install (1) 45kva 480:120/208v 3-phase step
down transformer & 42cct distribution panel for all listed
? (2) – 12" Exhaust Fans, back draft dampers &
hoods, thermostat controlled
? (8) – Interior fluorescent lights c/w 3-way
? (2) - Exterior Lights (photo cell controlled 70 W
(wall mount)
? (2) – Exit / Emergency light packs, minimum 1
hour battery
? (2) – Receptacles (duplex 15A, 120VAC)
? (1) – Battery Chargers 20amp wiring
? (1) – Engine block heater wiring
? (1) – Generator heater
? (1) – Engine oil heater
? Interior grounding grid, terminated externally @ opposite
? (2) – VS2 Vibration switches, on engine & one @
? (2) – ESD's, 1 outside each man door, with clear
weather guards (open)
? Main breaker mounted on rear wall & interconnected
? Enginator Control panel, mounted and interconnected
? Customer controls JB exterior rear of building, and main
output terminated externally (splitter)
? Supply & Install radiator fan motor VFD and controls
? Supply & Installation of wiring to remote radiator for
motor, local disconnect and shutdown devices.
? Supply & Install supplied NGR / Startco SE-330 relay
? EMT surface mount conduit, wiring to CEC Code
? Cable pass through tray/ladder as required, built into the
? Fire & Gas Detection
? Fire eyes
? Beacons (strobes)
? Horns
? Interconnected to a skid edge J/B
? Exterior devices removed, and packed
for shipping
? CSA inspection included
? P&ID Drawing – AB , P.Eng stamped
? Skid Civil Drawings – AB , P.Eng stamped
? Skid General Arrangement Drawings – AB , P.Eng
? Skid Crane drawings & certificates – AB P.Eng stamped
? Electrical Drawings
? Single Line
? 120/208 panel drawings
? Radiator Motor Control Schematics
? 120/208 control wiring schematics
? Waukesha control panel drawings, and
? Approximate dimensions and weight of the genset building.
o 44' long x 14' wide x 17' eave height
o 95,000 lbs (Dry estimated weight)
o Storm hoods, and awnings – shipped loose for site installation
? Foundations / pile layout, to be designed by others. Recommended pile
location can be provided.
? Design conditions can change, depending on final dimensions, specification,
at the time of IFC drawings. IFA drawings are issued before start of package

Building Enclosure: yes

Certified Report

Work Site

Equipment Still in Operation


Does the skid have skirting that needs to be removed


Equipment still connected to piping


Equipment still welded down to piles


Equipment on a gravel pad


Electrical still connected to the equipment


Have vessels been cleaned out


Shiploose items


Has equipment been preserved? If so, when?


Site Logistics
Equipment accessibility in yard or work site
Access into work site
Any road use agreement to access site


Equipment Appearance
Missing Parts
Animal Infestation
Overall cleanliness of package

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Waukesha P9394GSI Natural Gas Generator 1
Waukesha P9394GSI Natural Gas Generator 1
Waukesha P9394GSI Natural Gas Generator 1
Waukesha P9394GSI Natural Gas Generator 1
Waukesha P9394GSI Natural Gas Generator 1
Waukesha P9394GSI Natural Gas Generator 1

This equipment is Fuelled Certified.

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