SOLD Lufkin M640D-365-168 Pumping Unit

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Listing ID10125
CertificationFuelled Certified
Make/ManufacturerLufkin Industries
Fuelled Condition Rating
Condition A
New/Unused Equipment

Condition B
Ready to go into operation with minor service (tune-up).
Used but has been overhauled.

Condition C
Requires Overhaul but components are present and not damaged/used beyond repair.

Condition D
Requires Overhaul and major components (vessels, engine, instrumentation, piping, panel, etc.) are missing or damaged beyond repair.

Condition E
Scrap or suitable for parts. Major item(s) missing (I.e. Separator Package missing separator vessel or Compressor Package missing driver).
Driver Details
Driver TypeElectric Motor
Driver Fuel TypeUnknown
Driver detailsEtatech 40/30/20 HP

Description: Fuelled Certified: November 2017
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Inspection Date 2017-11-21
Lease area and WO# Cintha
Serial # J12284V-507691
SF 5-12-50-10w5
DH Assset ID 5-12-50-10w5
Unit Make Lufkin Mark2
Unit Size M640-365-168
Unit Structure M640-365-168
Gearbox Make & Serial # J122848V-507691
Jackshaft Sheave Size in/out Na
Jack Sheave Size 6c50"
Motor Frame 365T
Motor Make and Serial # Etatech
Motor HP 40/30/20
Motor Sheave Size 4c6" 2 3/8 shaft
Motor RPM 1125
Stroke Length 168
Belt Sizes 4c210
Jackshaft Belts Na
Brake Conditions O.K.
Brake Drum Size 18"
Brake Shoe Size 20"
Weight Size and Position 4-00R0 wts and 2-00S aux wts full out
Stroke Position 1 of 3 short stroke
SPM Not running
Rod Rotator T302 1 1/2 rod
Base/Sleeper Size 8x26 double rail on Piles note base is not made for piles it is set on l beam
Carrier Bar Size and Make Lufkin horn style
Remarks Unit is in fair shape , minor leaks from reducer around main covers

Base Type: Piles

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Drayton Valley, Alberta


SOLD Lufkin M640D-365-168 Pumping Unit 1

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