NEW/UNUSED Atlas Copco Turboexpander / Compressor Package

USD $1,700,000 OBO

Listing Details

Listing ID22250
# of Units Available1
PriceUSD $1,700,000 OBO
Deal PreferenceFor Sale
Price TypeTotal
PackageUNUSED Atlas Copco Turboexpander and Lewa Pump
Make/ManufacturerAtlas Copco
ModelEC 3.0 Postboost
CO2E Savings29.74 Tonnes
Compressor Package Details
Compressor Details
Compressor MakeAtlasCopco
Compressor ModelEC 3.0 Postboost
Compressor TypeOther
Driver Details
Driver TypeUnknown
Driver Fuel TypeUnknown

Originally ordered for a 100 MMSCFD 8% sour deep cut plant. Currently in fabrication with vendor. Available May – July 2023.

Complete information available.

Local Control Panel & Thyristor Control Panel not included.

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San Diego, California
Certificate of Environmental BenefitThis Certificate is Proudly Presented toYour CompanyEquipmnent Description: NEW/UNUSED Atlas Copco Turboexpander / Compressor Package*Total CO2E Tonnes Saved: 29.74Reutilizing this equipment from Fuelled is saving a minimum of 29.74 tonnes of CO2E which isequivalent to removing 6.5 passenger vehicles off the road for 1 year.Your NameSignatureDate* Calculated using Fuelled's proprietary emmissions calculator which comeswith certain assumptions and as compared to new manufacturing.

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