200 HP Ariel JGA2 2-Stage Sour Compressor Package

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Listing ID14886
# of Units Available1
Deal PreferenceFor Sale
Price TypeTotal
Package 04-09-16-20 W4
CertificationFuelled Certified
Fuelled Condition Rating
Condition A
New/Unused Equipment

Condition B
Ready to go into operation with minor service (tune-up).
Used but has been overhauled.

Condition C
Requires Overhaul but components are present and not damaged/used beyond repair.

Condition D
Requires Overhaul and major components (vessels, engine, instrumentation, piping, panel, etc.) are missing or damaged beyond repair.

Condition E
Scrap or suitable for parts. Major item(s) missing (I.e. Separator Package missing separator vessel or Compressor Package missing driver).
Compressor Package Details
Additional FeaturesCylinder 1: 8.5" Cylinder 2: 7.5" (TBD)
Frequency60 Hz
Voltage460 Volts
Compressor Details
Compressor MakeAriel
Compressor ModelJGA2
Compressor TypeReciprocating
Compressor Cylinder Count2
Compressor DetailsCylinder Size: 2 x (8 7/8)
Driver Details
Driver TypeElectric Motor
Driver Fuel TypeUnknown
Driver Horse Power200 HP
Driver Rating200 HP
Driver Speed1,780 RPM

Description: *ARIEL Compressor Tag Missing*

Air Exchanger Tag*
Model #: 48

Air Exchagner Tag 1*

MAWP: 230 PSI @ 300°F
MDMT: -20°F @ 230 PSI
Serial Number: 935222.1
CRN: H-6840.2
Year Built: 1994

Air Exchagner Tag 2*
MAWP: 655 PSI @ 300°F
MDMT: -20°F @ 655 PSI
Serial Number: 935222.2
CRN: k-0579.2
Year Built: 1994

Scrubber Vessel Tag*

Fasoli Manufacturing
RT 1
MAWP: 230 PSI @ 300°F
MDMT: -20°F @ 230 PSI
Serial Number: 93-180
Year Built: 1993
CRN: M 1754.2
A#: 2888378
Shell Mat:SA-333.6 THK .375
Head Mat: SA-516-70N THk .365
Test Pr: 345 PSI
Vessel Type: 16 STG1 Scrubber
Tag #: CS93218

Scrubber Vessel Tag 2*

Fasoli Manufacturing
RT 1
MAWP: 230 PSI @ 300°F
MDMT: -20°F @ 230 PSI
Serial Number: 93-180
Year Built: 1993
CRN: M 1755.2
A#: 2888361
Shell Mat: SA-333.6 THK .375
Head Mat: SA-516-70N THk .365
Test Pr: 345 PSI
Vessel Type: 12 STG2 Scrubber
Tag #: CS93218

Ariel Throw Tag*
Cylinder Serial Number: C-14767
MAWP: 230
Bore: 8 7/8"
Stroke: 3"
Min. Vol Cl (%): 14.98
CE: 14.61

Norriseal Controls Tag*
Serial Number: 37735
Model #: SN4ORTV-9BA4
Series: 2275
Trim: 1/2" QO
Plug MAT: 316
Seat Mat: 316
Act #: 9
Rating: 4000 PSIG
Max WP: 3920 PSIG
Max Temp: 180°F
Body Size: 1
Body Mat: A350 LF2
Max Inst Air: 50 PSIG

Driver Tag*
Model: B2004Y114BO
HP: 200
Poles: 4
Class Ins: F
Design: B
Code: G
HZ: 60
Volts: 460
Type: TIKK
Form: FBK1XX
RPM: 1780
Max AMB: 40°C
Rating CONT
AMP: 230
Frame: 447TZ
Ser F: 1.15
Serial Number: 6403835

Brand 2: Ariel

Model 2: JG (?)

Serial Number 2: B2004YLF4BC

Make 3: Toshiba

Model 3: B2004Y11 4BO

Make 4: Air-X-Changer

Model 4: 48 EH

Certified Report

Work Site

SanLing - 04-09-16-20 W4

Equipment Still in Operation


Does the skid have skirting that needs to be removed


Equipment still connected to piping


Equipment still welded down to piles


Equipment on a gravel pad


Electrical still connected to the equipment


Have vessels been cleaned out


Shiploose items


Has equipment been preserved? If so, when?


Site Logistics
Equipment accessibility in yard or work site
Access into work site
Any road use agreement to access site


Vessel Registrations
Provincial Vessel RegistrationsAB
Equipment Appearance
Missing Parts
Animal Infestation
Overall cleanliness of package

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