16" x 7.5' 1480 PSI Sweet Separator Package w/ Integral 100 BBL Tank

CAD $25,000 OBO

Listing Details

Listing ID10730
# of Units Available1
PriceCAD $25,000 OBO
Replacement ValueCAD $63,000
Deal PreferenceFor Sale
Price TypeTotal
CertificationFuelled Certified
Make/ManufacturerUltrafab Industries Ltd.
Fuelled Condition Rating
Condition A
New/Unused Equipment

Condition B
Ready to go into operation with minor service (tune-up).
Used but has been overhauled.

Condition C
Requires Overhaul but components are present and not damaged/used beyond repair.

Condition D
Requires Overhaul and major components (vessels, engine, instrumentation, piping, panel, etc.) are missing or damaged beyond repair.

Condition E
Scrap or suitable for parts. Major item(s) missing (I.e. Separator Package missing separator vessel or Compressor Package missing driver).
Vessel Details
Pressure Rating1,480 PSI
Vessel detailsDimensions: 16

100 BBL Double Walled Tank Includes:
???? All steel tanks (3/16" plate inner and outer tank) tested to 16 oz.
???? 3" truck out c/w 3" valve, piping and Camlok.
???? 24" round manway located on the roof of tank.
???? Internal leak monitor plus drain valve.
???? 8" Wenco thief hatch 0.4 oz vac/16 oz pressure.
???? 6" flanged roof vent.
???? Ladder with safety hoop.
???? 425 gallon internal methanol tank (located inside the inner tank – thus triple contained).
???? Hawk-eye standard gauge board assembly.
???? Truck out ground cable sign.
???? High level shutdown consisting of pneumatic Wellmark switch to shut off vessel level controller.
???? Insulation is applied between the walls of the tanks, high density foam insulation applied to the bottom of the skid.
???? 8" Wide Flange skid with pick-up throat at each end, and 3 lifting lugs on top of tank.
???? 8' x 10' Pre-painted aluminum building. One 3' x 7' man door, Glazed IWG window and panic hardware and one 36" x 36" sliding window. Building color; tan exterior and white interior.
???? One (1) 24,000 BTU catalytic heater c/w vent hood, thermostat, regulator, safety shut-off and 25' battery cable leads.
???? Tank, skid, vessels and piping to be sand blasted and painted 2 coats Cloverdale DTM tan.
???? Spill box.
Separator Package Includes:
???? 16" x 7' Three (3) phase separator 1440 psig, registered in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan - 1/16" corrosion allowance 10% X-Ray, sweet service.
???? 2" 1500# RTJ welded gas inlet piping.
???? 2" 600# ANSI welded gas outlet piping.
???? 2" 1500# RTJ CVS inlet control valve c/w CVS 4150 pressure controller.
???? 2" 600# RF CVS outlet control valve c/w CVS 4150 pressure controller.
???? 1" Taylor PSV on vessel set at 1440 PSI.
???? 2" Daniels Simplex meter run AGA 2000 - third party complaint c/w 2" 600# FP isolation valve.
???? 1' Water leg c/w Norriseal 1001A level controller, 1" Norriseal 2275 control valve, Daniels reflex level gauge, bypass piping and 1" additional line to outside of building.
???? Third phase piping c/w Norriseal 1001A level controller, 1" 2275 Norriseal control valve, Daniels transparent level gauge, 1" Nuflo turbine meter c/w bypass piping and prover connections.
???? Fisher 4660 HI/Low pressure pilot.
???? 6 X 30" fuel gas scrubber c/w regulator, PSV and HLSD.
???? 2 - CVS Model 5112 chemical pumps, ½" plungers, PSV'S, rate gauge, stand and drip tray.
???? Vent all regulators and diaphragms outside.
???? 5 valve Manifold for Zed-I system.
???? Install customer supplied Zed-I system and liquid meter totalizer.

Ultrafab separator (16"x7'6"x1480 psi)/100bbl tank & building Jun-08 828054 585310 2008 purchased new, 3 phased

Serial# 828054

Certified Report


Near worlsey Alberta

Equipment Still in Operation


Does the skid have skirting that needs to be removed


Equipment still connected to piping


Equipment still welded down to piles


Equipment on a gravel pad


Electrical still connected to the equipment


Have vessels been cleaned out


Shiploose items


Has equipment been preserved? If so, when?


Site Logistics
Equipment accessibility in yard or work site
Access into work site
Any road use agreement to access site


Vessel Registrations
Provincial Vessel RegistrationsAB, BC, SK
Equipment Appearance
Missing Parts
Animal Infestation
Overall cleanliness of package

Nice looking package

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16" x 7.5' 1480 PSI Sweet Separator Package w/ Integral 100 BBL Tank 1
16" x 7.5' 1480 PSI Sweet Separator Package w/ Integral 100 BBL Tank 1

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