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16" 1440 PSI H2S Removal System w/ 12" Separator

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Listing ID 11285
Status Available
# of Units Available 1
Deal Type Outright Sale
Estimated New Value $151,000
Year Built 2018
Manufacturer Ultrafab Industries Ltd.
Fuelled Condition Rating A
This is a rating derived by Fuelled via a visual inspection.
Condition New
Warranty No
Design Volume (mmscfd) 0.2
Design Pressure (psi) 1440
Notes See drawing under technical tab

There are two identical unused units available at same site.

H2S Removal System - (2) 500 gallons double wall tanks c/w 16" contactor and 12" separator

Design Pressure: 1440psig
Design Temp: 130F
OP Press: 300 psig
OP Temp: 100F
Flow: 0.2mmscfd
H2S in: 500ppm
H2S out: <4ppm

H2S Removal Contactor
Serial No.: 17-129
Year: 2017
C.A.: 0.125"
CRN: Y3539.213
A #: 671868

2 Phase Separator
Serial No.: 16-049-4
Year: 2016
C.A.: 0.125"
CRN: Y2708.213
A #: 660718

MAWP: 285 PSI @ 650°F
CRN: OH12502. 21345
S/N: 8285.3974
Year: 2011
Service: Fuel Gas

Pipe Size: 2.0"
Bore: 1.939"
Rating: 600#


• Wide flange skid with lifting lugs
• Skid measures approximately 12’-0” by 8’-0”
• Rigid skid rails, square tubing and beam support
• Checker plate cover over entire skid
• Reinforced vessel support and base plate included


• 16” OD x 8’ 0” S/S MAWP 1440 psig at 130 °F
• UltraFab proprietary engineered design
• (2) – 4” 600# ANSI RF inspection connections, includes blinds
• (1) – 2” 3000 psig inspection connection
• (1) – 2” 3000 psig inspection connection/ vent
• 2” 600# ANSI RF inlet c/w 1/2” 3000psi chemical injection connection
• 2” 600# ANSI RF outlet
• Service - Sour: Radiography – RT-1: C/A – 1/8”: PWHT – Yes
• National Board Registration
• Design data: ASME Section VIII Div. 1 Latest Edition and Addenda


• 12.75” OD x 5’ 0” S/S MAWP 1440 psig at 130°F
• 2” 600# ANSI RF inlet
• 2” 600# ANSI RF outlet/ inspection
• Demister: Siphon drain: Float shroud
• Separator 2 phase
• Service – Sweet: Radiography- RT-2: CA - 1/8”: PWHT - No
• National Board Registration
• Design data: ASME Section VIII Div. 1 Latest Edition and Addenda

(2) 500 Gallon Double Walled Tanks and Building
• (2) Double walled carbon steel tank (fresh/ spent chemical) c/w leak monitor
• Aluminum panel building with 3’ x 7’ man door with glazing and panic hardware


• 2” 600# ANSI RF gas inlet
• 2” 600# ANSI RF swing check valve (NACE)
• 2” 600# ANSI RF inlet ball valve RP (NACE)
• 2” 600# ANSI RF contactor outlet/separator inlet piping
• 2” 600# ANSI RF gas outlet
• Threaded process piping: 3000# valves
• Fuel/instrument gas piping: 2000# valves
• 304 SS tubing, Swagelok zinc plated fittings


• Sandblast to SSPC-SP6 Spec
• DTM Cloverdale tan paint


• (2) - Bruin 5100 pneumatic chemical injector pumps
• Rate gauge and removable drip trays
• Bellofram regulators
• Instrument air and fuel gas connections
• Norriseal level controller
• Norriseal dump valve and 1” piping with bypass
• 1” Pressure Safety Valve (sweet) on separator- sizing to be confirmed
• 1” Pressure Safety Valve (sweet) on fuel gas scrubber – sizing to be confirmed
• 2” 600ANSI Senior Meter Run
• 2” 600ANSI Back Pressure Control Valve c/w CVS 4150 Pressure Controller


• 8” OD x 48” OAL MAWP 285 psig at -20/650 °F
• Service – Sweet: Radiography- No Sm: CA – 0.125”: PWHT - No
• Design data: ASME Section VIII Div. 1 2015 Edition
• Float type HLSD
• Level Gauge


One (2) 24,000 BTU catalytic heater


• Envent 330 Class I Div I H2S analyzer
• UltraFab sample system for H2S analyzer
• (2) - 12V low draw solenoid valves includes high flow 3-way relay valves
• 12V solar package includes two batteries (enclosed)
• Inlet and outlet manual tube sample points

Tubing of pumps and instrumentation equipment is for quick removal and repair of equipment as required. System is designed for access and operability.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Location Map

Product Location Map

Hinton, Alberta

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Certified Report

Fuelled Certified Report

Location Work Site
Dienerian 5-29-57-24W5
Equipment Still in Operation No
When was equipment last run
Does the skid have skirting that needs to be removed No
Equipment still connected to piping No
Equipment still welded down to piles Unknown
Equipment on a gravel pad Unknown
Electrical still connected to the equipment No
Have vessels been cleaned out Unknown
Shiploose items Yes
Unit is being used for some storage.
Hours since last major service? If so, how many?
Has equipment been preserved? If so, when? N/A
Site Logistics
Equipment accessibility in yard or work site
Access into work site
Road was long and winding also covered in snow. But was plowed and well maintained.
Any road use agreement to access site Yes
Vessel Registrations
Provincial Vessel Registrations AB, BC, SK
Equipment Appearance
Missing Parts
Animal Infestation
Overall cleanliness of package
Operator Notes/Interview/Other Comments

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This equipment is Fuelled Certified.

Fuelled Certified February 2019

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