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CAT G3612TALE Gemini F704 2 Stage Sweet Compressor

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Listing ID 14344
Status Available
# of Units Available 1
Deal Type Outright Sale

Compressor Package Information

HP 3550
Service Sweet
Building Enclosure Yes
Manufacturer Gemini
Fuelled Condition Rating B
This is a rating derived by Fuelled via a visual inspection.
Condition Used
Warranty No


Compressor Type Reciprocating
Throws 4
Brand Gemini
Model F704
Stages 2
Cylinder Size Data (2) 11.0" X (2) 7.0"


Driver Type Engine
Make CAT
Model G3612TALE
Serial Number 1YG00182
Rated RPM 1000


Make ACE Air Cooled Exchangers
Model HF42-140

Control Panel

Make Spartan
Type Remvue-500
Notes 1st Stage Suction bottle tag**
A #: 593076
MAwp: 1000 Psi @ 300º F
Mdmt: -20º F @ 1000 Psi
Serial #: 0911-308917RF-P1
Year Built: 2009
Item #: P1
CRN: V0045.21

2nd Stage Suction bottle Tag**
A #: 583077
MawpK 1310 Psi @ 300º F
Mdmt: -20º F @ 1310 Psi
Serial #: 0911-30817RF-P3
Year Built: 2009
Item #: P3
CRN: V0043.21

G3612TALE Compressor***
Turbo V12 Cylinders, 9.2 Compression Ratio, 1000 Rated RPM, Skidded
CAT / Energy Industries (packager): 27'6"W x 40'7"L (Engine/Comp)
Energy Industries Frame Model***
F704, w/ 60,000lbs max compression, 60,000lbs max tension, 4800 Max HP
CAT / Energy Industries (packager): 19'7"W x 46'L (Cooler)
ACE Air Cooled Echangers, LLC Aerial Cooler Model HF42-140

Field Maxhamish
Service Type Gas Compressor
Status WO Repair (SI 2013)
Detechtion Unit # 1159
Engine Make Caterpillar
Engine Model G3612 TALE
Engine Serial Number 1YG00182
Combustion Type 4 Stroke, Lean Burn
Rated Engine Speed - RPM 1000
Nameplate Horsepower 3335
Expected Horsepower 3335
Engine Manufacture Date Installed new 2000
Compressor Make Energy Industries
Compressor Model F704
Compressor Serial Number 65F706A
Compressor Manufacture Date Installed new 2000
Generator Make N/A
Generator Model N/A
Generator Serial Number N/A
Generator Manufacture Date N/A
Total Hours as of Dec 2020
Engine Major Overhaul at: (Hrs)
Engine Top End Overhaul at: (Hrs)
Compressor Major Overhaul at: (Hrs)

Technical Data

Location Map

Product Location Map

Fort. Nelson, British Columbia

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Certified Report

Fuelled Certified Report

Location Work Site
EOG - Maxhamish - D-36-L
Equipment Still in Operation No
When was equipment last run
Does the skid have skirting that needs to be removed N/A
Equipment still connected to piping No
Equipment still welded down to piles Yes
Equipment on a gravel pad No
Electrical still connected to the equipment No
Have vessels been cleaned out Unknown
Shiploose items No
Hours since last major service? If so, how many?
Has equipment been preserved? If so, when? Unknown
Site Logistics
Equipment accessibility in yard or work site
Access into work site
Any road use agreement to access site No
Vessel Registrations
Provincial Vessel Registrations AB, BC
Equipment Appearance
Missing Parts
Animal Infestation
Overall cleanliness of package
Operator Notes/Interview/Other Comments

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Fuelled Certified June 2021

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EOG - Maxhamish - D-36-L

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British Columbia, Canada


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British Columbia, Canada


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