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H2prO Water Management Trailered Treatment System

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Listing ID 14096
Status Available
# of Units Available 1
Deal Type Outright Sale
Type Services
Year Built 2010
Manufacturer H2prO Water Management
Model 1431B
Fuelled Condition Rating B
This is a rating derived by Fuelled via a visual inspection.
Condition Used
Warranty No
Notes Unit ID: 1431B

Great Dane Limited Partnership Tag*
Model: SUP-1116-31053
VIN: 1GRAA0636BW702011
Year: 2010
GAWR-All Axles: 9070 KG (20000 LBS)
Tires: 11R22.5G
Rims: 22.5" x 8.25"
Pressure: 725 KPA (105 PSI)
Coupler Height: 1.19m (47")
Overall Height: 4.11m (13'6")

ATLAS COPCO Airpower Tag*
Type: GX7FF
Year: 2010
Weight: 314 kg
Product NR: 8152742378
Serial: CAI435258
Dryer: 230V | 60hz | 0,65 KW | 1 PH
Compressor: 230V | 60hz | 7,5 kw | 3 PH
Working Pressure: 8,83 bar
Max Pressure: 8,83 bar
Max Inlet Temp: 46°C
Refrigerant Type: R-134A

Pneumatech Membrane Nitrogen Gen Tag*
Model No: PMNG-80
Serial: USO583460
Max Air Temp: 100°F
Max Air Pressure: 200 PSIG

Section 1 Control Bay Tag*
Model: SEMC-02472-01
Volts: 120
PH: 1
Hz: 60
CSA Encl: 1
Max F.L. Amps: 15
DwG No: 02472
Year: 2010

Section 2 Motor Control Panel Tag*
Model: SEMC-02474-02
Volts: 480
PH: 3
Hz: 60
CSA Encl: 1
Max HP: 15
Total HP: 57.5
Max F.L. Amps: 78
Total F.L. Amps: 260
Short-Circut Cur. Rating: 22 kA RMS
Symmetrical @ 480V Max
Dwg No: 02472
Year: 2010

Section 3A Breaker Panel Tag*
Model: SEMC-02472-03
Volts: 480
PH: 3
Hz: 60
CSA Encl: 1
Max F.L. Amps: 40
Short-Circuit Cur. Rating: 22 kA RMS
Symmetrical @ 480 V Max
Dwg No: 02472
Year: 2010

Section 4 Main Fused Disconnect Tag*
Model: SEMC-02472-04
Volts: 480
PH: 3
Hz: 60
CSA Encl: 1
Max HP: 250
Max F.L. Amps: 350
Short-Circuit Rating: 22 kA RMS
Symmetrical @ 480V Max
Dwg No: 02472
Year: 2010

Electro Pure Treatment Tag*
Model: EC-1103
Serial: 010 EPT 100 1431
Electrical: 12VDC/3500FLA 12VDC/5000FLA
Area Classification: Class 1
Purge System: Type X
Protective Gas: Nitrogen

G & L Pumps Tag*
Catalog Number: 3SVB1J5E0W9
HP: 5
Max Temp: 250°F

Goulds Pump Tag*
IMPLR. DIA: 8.875"
GPM: 100
FT HD: 82
RPM: 1800
MOD: CV3196
Size: 2 X 2-10
Serial: A765F519-3
Max Design Pressure: 290 PSI at 100°F

Goulds Pumps Tag*
Model: CV3196
Size: 2X2-10
Serial: A765F519-3
Lube: Flood Oil

Pump Motor Tag*
CAT No: XH01504TE2
HP: 15
Frame: 254T
KVA Code: G
Volts: 230/460
PH: 3
Amps: 34.6/17.3
Ambient Temp: 40°C
Hz: 60
RPM: 1765
Serial: FV0106406002
Weight: 330 LBS

Control Panel Tag*
Model: SEMC-02472-06
Volts: 120
PH: 1
Hz: 60
CSA Encl: 12
Max F.L. Amps: 0.5
Dwg No: 02472
Year: 2010

PPC Mechanical Seals Tag #1*
SPI Model No: SP1008-10A
Serial: 00-008-B-40-06
MAWP: 350 PSI at 200°F
MDMT: -20°F at 350 PSI
Hydrostatic Test: 525 PSI

PPC Mechanical Seals Tag #2*
SPI Model #: SP1008-10A
Serial: 00-008-B-47-01
MAWP: 350 PSI at 200°F
MDMT: -20°F at 350 PSI
Hydrostatic Test: 525 PSI

Tetrasolv Filtration Tag*
Model: HPAF-2000
Serial: HPAF-2000-1431
Max Press/Temp: 75 PSIG / 140°F DEG
Weight: 3020 :BS
Cross Sectional Bed: 12.5 FT2
Bed Depth/Volume: 5.5Ft / 68.7 FT3

ESS Corp Vessel Tag*
Model: BG6-L2-4F-SS30
MAWP: 110 PSI at 200°F
MDMT: -20°F at 110 PSI
Serial: 3639B
Year: 2010

Electric Pump Engine Tag*
NO: CA178616
Serial: F1012155109
Spec: 36E396X100
CAT No: VH70.72T
HP: 5//3
T. Code: T3C
Volts:208-230 / 460 //190 /380
RPM: 3450//2850
Hz: 60//50
PH: 3
Class: B
SER.F: 1.00
Code: K
Rating: 40°C AMB- CONT.
Frame: 184 TC
NEMA Nom EFF: 85.5

Goulds Pumps e-SV Tag*
Catalog No: 22SV2FG4F30
RPM: 3500
HP: 5
Max PSI: 360
Max Temp: 250°F

Technical Data

Location Map

Product Location Map

Nisku, Alberta

Certified Report

Fuelled Certified Report

Location Yard
Electric Horsepower - Nisku Yard
Equipment Still in Operation No
When was equipment last run
Does the skid have skirting that needs to be removed No
Equipment still connected to piping No
Equipment still welded down to piles No
Equipment on a gravel pad No
Electrical still connected to the equipment Yes
Have vessels been cleaned out Yes
Shiploose items Yes
Hours since last major service? If so, how many?
Has equipment been preserved? If so, when? Unknown
Site Logistics
Equipment accessibility in yard or work site
Access into work site
Any road use agreement to access site Yes
Vessel Registrations
Provincial Vessel Registrations AB, BC, SK
Equipment Appearance
Missing Parts
Animal Infestation
Overall cleanliness of package
Operator Notes/Interview/Other Comments

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This equipment is Fuelled Certified.

Fuelled Certified May 2021

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